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Covid-19 & OneKind

Covid-19 has been affecting everyone. Especially small brands such as OneKindLondon.

Please note that during the lockdown period & this hard time with Covid-19; Orders will be delayed.

The usual time for customs is between 3-5 Days, this has been dramatically changed by the lockdown to now 7-10 days.

This is due to the fact that all materials & essentials for creating each custom order is a lot harder to get in this lockdown. Trainers have to be ordered in to customise rather than one of our team members heading out the same day of receiving the order to buy them. The wait alone for the trainers to arrive is 4-5 days. 

Rest assured, we are doing everything we possibly can to get all orders shipped out in a timely manner. We will ensure every item is completed as quickly as possible to our best quality.

stay home, stay safe,